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Risk Management for all Industries

Weekly WHS Article 15th May 2024

While the procedures for identifying, assessing, and controlling or eliminating workplace risks and hazards are the same for any work environment, it is important to know that different industries have different risks and hazards and there is no “one size fits all” tool that applies to all industries. Risk assessment tools should be tailored to the specific workplace, considering its unique environment and processes. For example, for office-based businesses, using a risk management tool designed for the construction industry would likely be ineffective. And vice versa.


When people want to learn about WHS risk management they want it to be relevant to their industry and appropriate to the duties that duty holders have under WHS law in their company and workplace. Generic or off-topic training courses can lead to disappointment and undermine the intended purpose of training.


While businesses have a duty to manage risks, effective risk management also involves the active participation of staff. Managers and supervisors play a role in gathering information for risk management programs and initiatives and in supervising staff to do their jobs safely.


In order to recognize and make easier the application of WHS risk management knowledge and practical application, Courtenell has several industry-specific training courses for the managers and supervisors in those industries specifically in WHS risk management.


  • WHS Risk Management in Warehousing and Logistics

  • WHS Risk Management in Heavy Industry

  • WHS Risk Management in Construction

  • WHS Risk Management in Office environments

  • WHS Risk Management and ISO 31000 Risk Management Methodology

  • WHS Risk Management for Corporate Safety and Risk Teams

  • WHS Risk Management for Managers and Supervisors

  • Management of Psychosocial Hazards and Risks


Each one of these are specific, on-topic courses you can do, held at your premises. At Courtenell we have WHS risk management courses that are specific to your industry and specific to your needs. We can also tailor our programs if you are in any industry that is unique or highly specialized.


Feel free to contact one of knowledgeable and experienced training consultants on 02 9552 2066. Stephen Georgulis @ or Kevin Gaskell @ are available to assist you.

15th May 2024

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