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WHS Legislative Compliance Assessment

To inspect and assess your company WHS policy and associated documentation and make appropriate recommendations for improved compliance with mandatory and applicable health and safety requirements of the New South Wales WHS Act 2011 and
WHS Regulation 2017.

Compliance Scope:

  •    WHS Act, Section 17—Management of Risks

  •    WHS Act, Section 18—What is “Reasonably Practicable”

  •    WHS Act, Section 19—PCBU Primary Duty Of Care

  •    WHS Act, Sections 20-26—PCBU Further Duties (as applicable)

  •    WHS Act, Section 27—Duty Of Officers

  •    WHS Act, Section 28—Duty Of Workers

  •    WHS Act, Section 29—Duty Of Others

  •    WHS Act, Section 46—PCBU Duty to consult with other Duty Holders

  •    WHS Act, Sections 47-49—PCBU Duty to consult Workers

  •    WHS Act, Section 70—PCBU General obligations


  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 32-38—Managing Risks to Health & Safety

  •    WHS Regulation, Clause 39—Information, Training, Instruction

  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 40-41—General workplace facilities

  •    WHS Regulation, Clause 42—First Aid

  •    WHS Regulation, Clause 43—Emergency Plans

  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 44-47—PPE (as applicable)

  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 55a-55d Management of Psychosocial Hazards

  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 56-59—Noise (as applicable)

  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 60-61—Hazardous Manual Tasks

  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 62-77—Confined Spaces (as applicable)

  •    WHS Regulation, Clauses 78-80—Falls (as applicable)



  1. Company WHS policy and associated documentation reviewed against the mandatory and applicable Sections of the NSW WHS Act 2011 and mandatory and applicable Clauses of the WHS Regulation 2017 that your company is required to be in compliance with. In 2022 amendments were made to the WHS Regulation which are new mandatory requirements. 

  2. Recommendations in report form made to management for improvements to your company WHS policy and WHS documentation so as to be better in alignment with the requirements of the NSW WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2017.

Price on application.


A qualified WHS consultant and auditor.

NOTE: Most WHS legislation gap analysis will take 3-5 days depending on the size of the organization and the number of mandatory legal requirements per WHS legislation that apply to the organization. Please allow 1-2 days for writing of reports.

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