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Health and Safety Awareness Courses

Health and Safety Awareness courses are not accredited courses but are short courses on specific areas of health and safety that persons in a workplace may have to deal with or may encounter in the normal course of their work activities.


Many of these courses are "best practice" courses that can serve as evidence of training to demonstrate compliance with WHS law or to satisfy supplier-customer requirements or arrangements.

Asbestos Awareness

for example, real estate agents may need to inspect buildings and structures that might have asbestos walls or roofs. It is not the agent's job to deal with the asbestos in the building but they must know how to go about their business without creating risk to themselves or any other persons accompanying them. The Courtenell Asbestos Awareness course may help them with this.

Silica Awareness

Engineered stone has been in the news recently and there are actions being taken by State and Federal government to educate persons on working with crystalline silica substances that are used in producing engineered stone. An awareness course is not for persons who actively work with engineered stone but is for persons who may visit factories or sites where engineered stone is being manufactured, removed, or installed. The Courtenell Silica Awareness course may be helpful for persons who may find themselves in locations or situations where there are people working with engineered stone.

Working With Hazardous Chemicals

This course aims to educate workers in the appropriate behaviors and attitudes they should adopt when handling hazardous chemicals. This course is very hands on; participants will perform practical activities in their workplace with chemicals that they use.

Fire Awareness

Fire Awareness training is an awareness program that all businesses put their staff through routinely, as education in this subject is for the benefit of all persons at a workplace. The Courtenell Fire Awareness course covers risks and hazards from fire and smoke inhalation, mechanical extinguishers, signage, evacuation procedures, and general emergency measures which need to be part of every WHS management system of every workplace.

Online learning

Additionally Courtenell has a full suite of eLearning courses which cover many subjects related to work health and safety and usually take between 30-90 minutes to complete on line at the person's own pace. Please see our ONLINE COURSES information for a full list of eLearning courses.

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