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Courtenell Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions

 The following terms and conditions apply to all purchases of WHS training courses.

‘Business day’ means a day except a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the State that training is delivered.
‘Course’ refers to training and events provided by Courtenell. They include classroom training, seminars, and workshops.
‘Credit’ refers to monies left on file to the credit of the client which is available as payment, or part payment, for future courses, products and services. Credits are valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue, after which time they will expire. They are valid as payment, or part payment, for purchasing further courses, products and services.
‘Blended Learning’ refers to the delivery of courses materials such as course readings and case studies in a classroom environment, with materials also available to you online. Assessments are completed post workshop.
‘Distance Learning’ refers to delivery of course materials such as course readings and case studies in an online environment with some resources sent to you via Australia Post.

Enrolment Fee & Confirmation:
Course fees include all course materials.
Booking Cancellations & Transfers:
A. Change (Transfer) of Bookings (Must be in writing).

B. Transfers (for all days of a course) are available prior to the commencement of a course. If notification is received 7 days prior to course commencement, our administration fee is waived.

C. If a transfer to another course is made less than 7 days prior to the commencement of a course, an administration fee of $90 plus GST ($99 incl.) is incurred per transfer per person.

D. Transfers are not available if notified any later than after 5pm on the working day prior to the course start.

E. If a cancellation is received less than 7 days before course commencement, the full course fee is payable and no refund will be provided

Booking Cancellations & Transfers On-Site Course:

A.  Changes (Transfer) of  Course Dates


1. Change (full or part) to the dates of a course are available.

2. If a change is made less than 14 days prior to course commencement, to the dates of an on-site course booking, a transfer fee applies as follows:

(i) Less than 14 days but more than 2 days’ notice: a fee of $300 plus GST ($330 incl.) is payable for each day of the course being transferred.
(ii) 2 or less days’ notice: a fee of $500 plus GST ($550 incl.) is payable for each day of the course being transferred.

B. Cancellation of Course Dates


1. All on-site course cancellations must be received in writing, by fax.

2. If an on-site course is cancelled 14 or more days prior to course commencement, a refund is available for each of the course dates.

3. If an on-site course is cancelled less than 14 days prior to course commencement, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total course fee is payable.

C. Absentees:
If there are persons unable to attend on any of the days of an on-site course, they may attend the day(s) at one of our public courses and the per day fee is $170 plus GST ($187 incl.). [please note: only available on either a) The Course in OHS Consultation, or b) OHS Risk Management for Supervisors & Managers Course]

D. Changes to Trainer Travel and/or Accommodation:
In the event that an on-site course entails trainer travel and/or accommodation arrangements, any costs incurred in making the changes to these arrangements (due to an amendment of training times/dates by the client), are to be paid for by the client.

If a cancellation is received less than 7 days before course commencement, the full course fee is payable and no refund will be provided

If a cancellation is received 7 days or more before course commencement, a full refund is payable.
Important: At no time will a credit be provided after the course has commenced.

Shipping and Return:
Onsite course Training:


a. Course training materials are part of an onsite course and are shipped to the client or delivered by the trainer when the course starts at no extra cost.

b. Client may purchase additional course materials at the time of booking a course for an additional fee, the shipping of these additional materials is done as a package with the other training materials (a) above at no extra cost.

c. Course materials and/or additional course packs are non-refundable items.

d. There are no course materials sold or shipped by Courtenell to clients who do not purchase onsite training courses.

Public course training:
Shipping and return is not applicable.

Non-attendance, substitutes and Make up Days:
Non-attendance without due notice will result in the forfeit of the entire enrolment fee.

If there is nonattendance on the course, with no notification being received prior to course commencement, then the full course fee is payable for each course day not attended and not previously notified.  (See Missed Training Days below)

Missed Training Days: 

If after course commencement, a person is unable to attend any day(s) of a course, they may make up this day(s) on a later public course at a per day fee of:
5 Day Health and Safety Rep $ 145 + GST, NOTE: to receive the full certificate participants must have completed the topics in sequence, if not, they will receive 'Topic Completion Statements' for each topic they have completed.
3 Day Effective Health and Safety Committee course $ 194 + GST and     
2 Day WHS Risk Management for Supervisors and Manager $ 275 +GST

Appropriateness of Course:
The person making the course booking should take all necessary steps to ensure that the course is appropriate to their requirements.

Course Pre-requisites:
It is important that you fully satisfy any specified pre-requisites prior to undertaking the training, as time is not allocated to covering assumed knowledge during the course.

Requirements for Health and Safety Representative Training Courses are:

Participant/s must be elected HSRs or Deputy HSRs to be able to use the powers of an HSR.

HSR Refresher course: participants must have completed the HSR 5 day course or HSR Bridging  course and present their original certificate to the trainer on the day to receive the full SafeWork NSW certificate for this course.

Proof of Identity:
It is important that you fully satisfy any proof of identity requirements prior to undertaking training.

Course Cancellations by Courtenell:
Courtenell reserves the right to cancel, in its sole discretion, any particular course. In the event a specific course is cancelled, participants will be contacted by us to arrange a transfer to an alternative course date. Courtenell will endeavour to provide notification as early as possible of any course changes.
Courtenell assumes no responsibility for non refundable airline-tickets, accommodation, deposits, or any other expenses incurred due to course cancellations.

Certificate Reissue:
Courtenell will reissue certificates upon request. Certificate reissue will incur a cost payable on request of certificate.

Courtenell training material, including online training, self- paced or classroom training manuals, and training exercises, are protected by copyright, and cannot be used by you, or any other party, without express permission from Courtenell.

Access & Equity:
Courtenell is committed to providing an equitable inclusive learning environment for all participants. To this end Courtenell, shall ensure that all prospective participants are afforded non-discriminatory access to its training programs.
Courtenell strives to provide a learning environment of the highest standard and asks that participants support this through appropriate behaviour whilst attending the course.

Literacy and numeracy:
Courtenell endeavours to enhance effective participation by all adults in vocational education and training, in the workplace and the communities, by providing information on quality English literacy and numeracy programs and services, where a participant requests such support.

Courtenell holds personal information in accordance with National Privacy Principles. The personal information disclosed by you will be used for the purposes of identifying you and confirming your participation. If applicable, financial information disclosed by you will be used only for the purposes of affecting the transaction to which it relates.

Courtenell undertakes to ensure that personal information is held in a secure environment and is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Courtenell does not permit third parties to access and/or use information about you other than to perform the service that Courtenell has contracted with them to provide, or as required by law. All suppliers, agents and third party companies are required to agree to protect your information in the same way we do.

Courtenell will, upon your request and subject to applicable privacy laws, provide you with access to your personal information held by us.

Complaints and Appeals:
In the event you are dissatisfied with Courtenell’s services or disagree with an assessment decision you may access the Courtenell’s Complaints and Appeals process. In the first instance attempts to resolve issues should be addressed directly with the relevant staff member before lodging a complaint or appeal.

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