Risk Management Courses

What is Work Health and Safety Risk Management?

Risk Management is the systematic process of identifying hazards, assessing the risks associated with those hazards, instituting control measures that will minimise or eliminate the risks, and review the control measures to confirm they are effective.


The steps, which participants will learn about in our Risk Management Courses, are shown below

Risk Assessment Sequence WheelLIL.jpg
Duty to Manage Risks

Work Health and Safety Legislation requires persons operating businesses or undertakings to identify reasonably foreseeable hazards that may present a risk to health and safety and implement appropriate control measures. (WHS Act Section 17 and WHS Regulations 32 to 38)


Essentially this means that:


  1. all hazards in the workplace need to be identified and their risks assessed

  2. all risks in the workplace need to be eliminated or minimised so far as is reasonably practicable

  3. risk control measures must be reviewed to confirm they are effective


Therefore it is very important to have the knowledge and skills to effectively manage risks.


WHS Regulation 39 requires that information, training and instruction must be given to Managers, Supervisors and general workers having regard to:


  1. the nature of the work that they do

  2. the nature of the risks associated with the work they do, and

  3. the control measures


So training on risk management courses could be required in your workplace.


Available Risk Management Courses

We have a number of different risk management courses to help you comply with your legal obligations.


WHS Risk Management for Supervisors & Managers Course


This risk management course is suitable to train workers, supervisors and managers in the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the principles of risk management as an integral part of an effective WHS management system.


WHS Risk Assessment Course

This practical risk management course is suitable to train managers, supervisors and workers to be risk managers who can contribute to the hazard identification process. As a very hands-on and interactive course it can help to create a positive attitude in the corporation towards risk management and gain worker ‘buy-in’ on the Safety Management System.


Incident Investigation Course

This course is suitable to train your supervisors and managers to investigate safety incidents and use the principles of risk management to address hazards identified.


BackBasics Manual Handling Risk Management Course

This risk management course is suitable to train your supervisors in how to apply risk management principles to assess manual tasks that occur in your workplace and assist to eliminate or minimise the risks associated with those tasks.


Risk Management of Hazardous Chemicals

This risk management course is suitable to train your managers and supervisors in the duties and obligations to manage the risk of hazardous chemicals in the workplace and assist the corporation to comply with it’s duty to protect workers from risks to their health and safety through using, handling or storing hazardous substances or dangerous goods. For more information see the page on Hazardous chemicals.

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