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Why Courtenell?

Courtenell is a WHS training provider who specialises in delivering workplace health and safety training and consulting services to help businesses, organisations, corporations, and government departments deal with their WHS legal and corporate requirements for providing a safe, healthy and productive workplace. We have a team of highly experienced trainers and consultants with diverse industry backgrounds who do the training and consulting, and a support team of experienced WHS service consultants who you can talk to you and advise you about WHS legal compliance requirements and suitable training options for your business or project.

Professional Public Training Environment

What our clients say about our


“One of the best training sessions I have attended, A great variety of content, presented in a way that I understood and could apply straight away ”

“The trainer was excellent, made it very interesting”

“Great teacher, enjoyed every minute”

“It was clear his knowledge and expertise is a cut above the rest - he really knows his stuff”


“Awesome. Did not lose concentration throughout the entire five days”

“Course was very vibrant, active. Great worth.”

“Best training I have attended on what could otherwise be a boring topic. It was timed really well”


“Everything was relevant, I will use it all.”

“I now have knowledge that is much needed in case of emergencies.”

“I got a lot of technical information to put into practice every day.”

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