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Incorporated in 1990, Courtenell is a NSW-based WHS training provider and consultant who:

  • Is an Approved Training Provider for SafeWork NSW courses

  • Develops and delivers WHS training to suit client's specific needs

  • Provides a range of consulting services including AS and ISO based systems


For details of Consulting Services follow this link.


Effective Training

Courtenell WHS training is:

  • practical

  • relevant to your workplace

  • engaging and interesting

  • interactive

Share, inspire and help others with your experience and knowledge or seek help about workplace health & safety.

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Share, inspire and help others with your experience and knowledge or seek help about workplace health & safety.

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We understand that the learning experience is as effective as it is practical and we aim to focus training on group activities, case studies & practical exercises.

We tailor our training to the experiences and work situations of attendees and our trainers are renowned for their skill in making WHS issues relevant and tangible.

All our trainers are highly qualified and experienced and have extensive and wide industry experience in WHS, enabling them to engage participants fully and effectively and tie the subject in with real life situations.

In addition, when we deliver our Manual Handling training, we use health professionals such as practicing Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, & Occupational Therapists.

Training Services

​Courtenell delivers public and onsite training courses in NSW as well as other WHS related training.

SafeWork NSW Approved Courses:

We also offer a range of other courses including:


Training Locations

​We deliver multiple courses every week with a choice of 3 training locations in metropolitan Sydney including;

  • Sydney CBD

  • Campbelltown

  • Blacktown

We deliver onsite training throughout all regions of New South Wales.

Our Clients

Courtenell has delivered training to over 4,000 clients in a broad range of industries. These clients are mainly large businesses or Government Departments and Local Government Councils.

We will be pleased to assist you in handling your workplace health and safety needs!

Courtenell Pty Ltd

as Trustee for the Vowles Family Trust

WHS Training Specialists, Sydney, Australia  

train@courtenell.com.au ~ PO Box 622 Broadway NSW 2007

ABN: 42164393628 ~ ACN: 050109281