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SafeWork NSW Regulatory Priorities for 2023

Weekly WHS Article 2nd February 2023

SafeWork NSW has just released their priorities for work health and safety in 2023. They have chosen 7 target areas as priorities for SafeWork NSW attention.

The target areas they selected were based upon the;

  • potential for serious harm or death,

  • new or emerging issues,

  • increases in frequency of an issue

Recommended Reading & Application

We would recommend that you read and digest the 2 pages of the SafeWork NSW Regulatory Priorities 2023.

The Seven Target Areas

You may find it useful to consider and identify how many of SafeWork’s 7 target areas are in your workplace. And also, whether you are confident that they would get the OK if SafeWork came to your workplace.

Many workplaces will find that they have at least 2 of the SafeWork’s target areas in their workplace. They are Psychological Safety and Respect at Work.

These 2 targets are covered in the psychosocial amendments made to the NSW WHS Regulation that became law on 1/10/22 – See page 77, Division 11 Psychosocial Risks, subclause 55A Meaning of “psychosocial hazard”.

“55A Meaning of “psychosocial hazard” A psychosocial hazard is a hazard that— (a) arises from, or relates to— (i) the design or management of work, or (ii) a work environment, or (iii) plant at a workplace, or (iv) workplace interactions or behaviours, and (b) may cause psychological harm, whether or not it may also cause physical harm.”

Making Better Workplaces

SafeWork NSW tells us in their publication SafeWork NSW Regulatory Priorities 2023 that;

“Reaching the strategic outcomes will take more than a year. Over time, we will measure our progress using high-level indicators, including:

• employer understanding of their work health and safety rights and responsibilities

• worker understanding of their rights and responsibilities

• satisfaction and trust in SafeWork NSW as a regulator

• reduced serious incidents and deaths at NSW workplaces

• reduced employer non-compliance in targeted areas.”

These are very worthy outcomes that depend upon all PCBUs working to help them become a reality.

SafeWork NSW Regulatory Priorities for 2023
Download PDF • 794KB

2nd February 2023

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