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Specialised WHS Risk Assessment Course

Why do this course?
This is a practical program with minimal theory suitable for operational staff. It is assumed that persons attending already understand WHS basics and are familiar with the Hierarchy of Control measures, but a brief refresher on these basics will be done if requested. Persons participating in this program use their company's risk assessment tools to assess and manage real-world hazards and risks in the workplace and have the facilitator at their disposal for any questions or assistance.
Course Aims

The course aims to provide or improve the knowledge and skills of participants to identify, assess and control or review existing controls for WHS risks or hazards in your workplace using your company risk management documentation, and the WHS risk management principles stated in Clauses 33-38 of the WHS Regulation 2017.

Tailored Training

Because we deliver this course on your site we can tailor this course to meet your requirements. Call us to discuss your requirements or let us know in the on line quote form.


Who Should Do the Course?

Managers, supervisors who as operational staff may encounter a hazard or risks that may need immediate assessment before reporting to management for a full risk assessment and management actions.


1 Day


Delivery Locations

This course is available for delivery at your site and is ideally conducted in the actual workplace of participants.


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