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Management of WHS Risks Course - QLD

Why do this course?
Businesses in any Australian state or territory who have operations in Queensland must abide by the laws and requirements of the Regulators applicable to Queensland. A WHS management system from another state must be modified to suit local legal requirements.
It is the duty of a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to manage health and safety risks in the workplace. Every organisation and business conducting business in Queensland must have a WHS management system.
Each duty holder under WHS law has responsibilities in the management of WHS risks and hazards.
Course Aims


To raise the awareness and certainty of participants about why and how the risks of hazards in their workplace must be eliminated or minimised so far as reasonably practicable and to ensure that participants are familiar with their WHS duties and how each WHS duty holder interacts with other duty holders in accordance with requirements of the Queensland WHS Act and WHS Regulation specific to the management of WHS risks.. 


Competency Guidelines


The theory and practical content of this course is mapped to the specific Sections and Clauses of the QLD WHS Act and QLD WHS Regulation in regards to management of WHS risks; and the How To Manage Work Health and Safety Risks Code of Practice published by WorkSafe Queensland.


Suitable participants
Managers, Supervisors, Team leaders, and any other persons involved in the administration and operation of your WHS management system.



1 Day

Course Information

Course Outline

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