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Working with Hazardous Chemicals Workshop

Why do this course?
All businesses and undertakings must provide information, training, instruction and supervision to everyone who works with or may come into contact with any hazardous chemical. These are legal requirements under WHS legislation. Courtenell’s awareness course is an integral part of fulfilling this requirement.
While there is an accredited ticket for the safe handling of hazardous chemicals, this course is an awareness course for persons who may come into contact with hazardous chemicals in their work duties but whom ordinarily do not work with hazardous chemicals as part of their job (and therefore do not need to have the accredited ticket.)
Course Aims


This course aims to provide all persons with the appropriate recognition and mandatory controls to use when people are using or could be exposed to hazardous chemicals.


This course includes hazardous chemicals:

  • risk management;

  • labelling;

  • signage;

  • difference between hazardous substances and dangerous goods;

  • use of National Codes of Practice;

  • Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) code, edition 7.8, which is mandatory from 1 April 2024 and;

  • Globally Harmonised System for the Classification and Labelling of Hazardous Chemicals (GHS), the latest version commenced in 2023.

Who Should Do the Course?

All persons who may come into contact with hazardous chemicals in their work, including inspectors, agents, engineers, site visitors, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and any other trades people whom may need to work in an area where there are hazardous chemicals on site or being used by others around them.



1 Day

Delivery Location


This course is available for delivery at your site and is ideally conducted in the actual workplace of participants.

Course Information

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