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Introduction to HSRs - Overview

Why do this workshop? 
This course is for persons who are interested in becoming a health and safety representative for their designated workgroup established for the purpose of health and safety consultation. 
This workshop is presented as a very simple and straightforward overview of what an HSR is and how they contribute to the success of the WHS management system of your business, corporation, or organisation. The crux of the workshop is built around the Q&A information from the NSW Worker Representation and Participation Guide.
This is a low-impact workshop where the facts are presented, and persons can get their questions answered honestly so they may be able to make an informed decision about becoming an HSR. 

To inform attendees of what an HSR is and what they do with reference to WHS law requirements and the official Worker Representation and Participation Guide sections on workgroups and health and safety representatives.

Who Should Do the Course?

Any person who has been given the opportunity to become an HSR for a workgroup within the workplace and wants more information about health and safety representatives, to be able to make an informed decision to go ahead with becoming an HSR. 


4 hours

Delivery Locations

This workshop is conducted at your place of work, on site at your premised.

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