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SafeWork NSW Deserves Applause for WHS Roadmap

SafeWork NSW launched their impressive Roadmap for Work Health & Safety for NSW 2022 in August 2016 and it definitely deserves applause and support. Every PCBU needs to know about this Roadmap because it shows where SafeWork NSW is and will be focusing its attention and help. And it shows how a PCBU can embed SafeWork’s “health and safety landscape” in their workplace.

The 20 page Road Map contains a worthwhile purpose and vision, a realistic strategy and action areas, and achievable strategic outcomes and targets. It is not a fluffy public relations document.

Action Area 1 of the Roadmap

Action Area 1 is “Embed the Health & Safety Landscape in NSW Workplaces”.

A health and safety landscape is an area where “Every job is designed to be safe, and has safe practices, controls and outputs” and has the 5 key elements of;

- "Leadership from the top - Workplace leaders visibly demonstrate their commitment to work health and safety"

- "Organisational safety capability and practices - The organisation has the capability to put in place safe systems, procedures and policies that translate to safe practices"

- "Consultation and communication – Consultation and communication hold all elements of the Safety Landscape together."

- "Worker capability – Workers have the skills and attitudes to work safely"

- "Safe environment - Safe physical and mental environment supported by supply chains"

Action Area 1 and the health and safety landscape is effectively shown in text and diagram form on pages 10 and 11 of the WHS Roadmap. Action Area 1 is the action area that is most relevant to what SafeWork NSW expects from PCBUs.


We highly recommend that PCBUs become aware of the Roadmap and compare their workplace with the health and safety landscape that SafeWork is aiming to help PCBU’s embed in their workplace. You can download the Roadmap HERE and the September 2017 Roadmap implementation update HERE.

Click on the link below to see and download the course outline


You are welcome to download & distribute this article in your workplace if you feel it may be useful


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