Effective Health & Safety Committee Training

Effective Health & Safety Committee Course - 1 Day Public Venue

Course Aims

To provide participants with the necessary information to participate as a member of their Health & Safety Committee (HSC) and be knowledgeable about the role of the HSC including how the HSC may also assist the business (PCBU) to satisfy its duty to consult workers in matters of health and safety in the workplace.

Course Objectives

On completion of this training, participants should be able to:

A. describe the WHS framework and the role and responsibilities of the main duty holders in the workplace and how they relate to making a workplace safe, healthy and compliant with WHS legislation.

B. describe what is involved in managing health and safety risks in the workplace.

C. describe the functions of a Health and Safety Committee, the role and responsibilities of the Chairperson, Secretary and members, and how their committee can become more effective.

D. describe what consultation is, and how a Health and Safety Committee may assist with the PCBU’s duty to consult HSRs and workers and any other functions the committee is involved in.

Public Courses - 2022

We want to be sure that our public 1-day course deserves the name of “Effective”

Since January 2019 we have been delivering a public 1-day Effective Health and Safety Committee Course instead of delivering our 3 day public course.

People who are learning something new need time to become aware of, then familiar with, and practised with applying new information and skills to their workplace.

So we are supporting the impact of the 1-day course with two bonus learning aids to assist the competency of each attendee. Each attendee will be given:


Courtenell’s 115 page Health and Safety Committee Resource Manual – an easy-to-read reference source for attendees covering the “what, why and how” of WHS activities and functions that a Committee member might be involved in including any interactions with HSRs. These functions and activities can vary depending upon the industry or workplace but our Resource Manual is designed to be a very useful resource for any Committee member who attends our 1-day Committee Course.


Free after course support for 6 months for each attendee by phone or email - an attendee can ask questions and seek guidance and references about anything in the Resource Manual that will help them raise their understanding and ability to be an effective Committee member.

For Convenient Booking

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Who Should Do the Course?

New and existing Health & Safety Committee members and others who would like to gain a good grounding in WHS Consultation.


1 Day  -  9am to 4.00pm

Delivery Locations

Public courses are delivered in 3 locations around Sydney - Sydney CBD, Campbelltown and Blacktown.
Follow this link for Venue Maps


Onsite Course Information


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Tailored Training

When delivered onsite we can tailor this course to meet your requirements. Call us to discuss your requirements or let us know in the online quote form.

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Does your company have 6 or more staff needing training? We can run this course for you at your site.