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WHS Committee Chairperson Course

Why do this course?
NOTE: This course is not a "leadership course." It is assumed that your WHS committee chairperson has acceptable leadership skills to be able to manage the conduct of groups and control meetings.
This course focuses on the functions of an HSC under the WHS Act and its role in helping develop health and safety measures, company policies, rules, and risk controls; and actions a chairperson takes in managing the committee's involvement in the workflow associated with the consultation process between the PCBU and the workforce on WHS matters.
In addition to the functions of a WHS committee as stated in the WHS Act, the course covers  information from the NSW Consultation Code of Practice and other Regulator guides relevant to WHS consultation, committee functions, committee meetings, and solutions to common problems.
Course Aims

This course aims to provide participants with further skills and certainty in their role as Chairperson, so that the Committee operates more effectively.

Who Should Do the Course?


Chairpersons of Health & Safety Committees. 



1 Day  -  9am to 4.00pm 

Delivery Locations


This Public course is delivered in 2 locations in Sydney: Sydney CBD and  Blacktown.


This course is available for delivery at your site.

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