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Advanced WHS Committee Course
(for established HSCs) - 2 day

Why do this course?
Health and safety committees that have been operating for a long time may encounter situations that may affect the effectiveness of the committee and the consultation process between the PCBU and the workforce on WHS matters.
Experienced HSCs may benefit from a more comprehensive look at WHS law and their HSC's role in the overarching safety management system, including where businesses employ multiple methods to consult on health and safety matters.
This course refreshes committee members on the basics of WHS law, PCBU consultation, the correct functions of an HSC, and provides opportunities for HSC members to discuss more complex HSC matters and consultation issues and provide solutions to common problems using the WHS Act and WHS Regulation and published Guides.




To provide experienced HSC members with additional and more detailed information to assist with the continued success of the HSC and provide solutions to common problems that an established and experienced HSC may encounter and have to deal with.

Training Evaluation

By group and general discussions, case studies and practical exercises. At the end of the course there is a short test on the contents of the training covered which all participants must take.

Who Should Do the Course?


Experienced management representatives and worker representatives of the Health and Safety Committee.



2 Days


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