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Effective WHS Committee Course
(for new committee members) 2 days

Why do this course?
Often new members of a health and safety committee are also new to the subject of WHS. In order to be able to contribute to matters for discussion in HSC meetings, a new committee member needs to know the basics of the subject, such as who are WHS duty holders, what are their responsibilities, and how to feed back to management on WHS matters. 
This course additionally gives new committee members knowledge about WHS risk management, the knowledge of which is necessary for committee members to be able to contribute to discussions on health and safety plans, policies and measures for the workplace, and WHS matters that the PCBU needs to consult on. With this grounding a new HSC member can make worthwhile contributions and better facilitate the consultation process that is required to advance such WHS matters.
See here: SafeWork NSW FACT SHEET

To provide participants with the necessary understanding and skills to function effectively as a member of their Health and Safety Committee (HSC) and make worthwhile contributions to WHS matters that need to be discussed so that informed decisions can be made at the outcome.

Training Evaluation

By group and general discussions, case studies and practical exercises. A dummy workplace inspection will be conducted at the conclusion of the WHS risks management content. At the end of the course there is a short test on the contents of the training covered which all participants must take.

Who Should Do the Course?


Both management representatives and worker representatives of the Health and Safety Committee, especially those who are new to the subject of WHS.



1 Day  -  9am to 4.00pm

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