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SafeWork NSW Extends HSR Courses Connected Delivery Time Window

SafeWork NSW has advised us that they have extended the time in which SafeWork’s HSR courses can be delivered by connected delivery “until further notice”. This is good news.

Permission to deliver SafeWork NSW HSR Courses by connected delivery (real time remote connected delivery RTRCD) was due to cease on the 11th of September. Courtenell is an approved provider of connected training so we will continue to offer and deliver “until further notice”.

Connected delivery is an effective way of training your employees who are working from home, or are located in different areas in the Sydney area or in NSW country areas. Getting participants together for onsite training may be difficult, expensive, or not practical in current circumstances. If so, then receiving training by connected delivery may be a viable and valuable option for you.

Connected delivery - Real time Remote Connected Delivery (RTRCD)

The term “connected delivery” is a handy abbreviation of the term, “real time remote connected delivery” that SafeWork also uses. But what does it mean?

We are all familiar with face-to-face training. All participants and the trainer are in the same physical location in a workplace or public venue, and the potential for interaction and learning is high.

RTRCD as required by SafeWork NSW standards and techniques, is training conducted over the internet so that even though the trainer and participants are in different locations they are visually and verbally connected at the same time and able to exchange information, do practical exercises and all facets of training can take place. It is the closest one can get to a face-to-face delivery using software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams and techniques that includes features such as;

  • The participants and the trainer can all see each during the training on their computer screen

  • The trainer can arrange participants in small groups for exercises and discussion and then have them return to the original large participants group for a discussion of their findings.

  • During the exercise the trainer can include himself in any of the small groups to monitor their progress and assist if needed

  • Participants can always ask questions by raising their virtual hand to gain the attention of the trainer

  • The trainer has whiteboard options he can use to display or build information

  • The trainer and participants can use text chats to communicate with the trainer and /or other participants

  • The trainer can use PowerPoint slides and play safety videos for participants.

  • The training delivery is arranged and constructed so that participants are not locked into their seat, looking at their screen for uncomfortable, unergonomic periods of time. Regular breaks and activities so that participants can get up and move are built into the training.


The benefits above are also available for clients who request that we deliver our courses for Health & Safety Committee Members and other WHS training using RTRCD techniques to their participants. We can use Zoom or Teams or the client’s own software to deliver over the internet and it is effective.

7th September 2020

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