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SIRA’s Competency Requirements for RTW Coordinators

As previously advised. The SIRA approved 2-day, face-to-face, Introduction to Return to Work Coordination Course, will be withdrawn on the 31st of May 2019.

In response to our enquiries, SIRA has provided details about the release of their online modules that replace the SIRA approved 2-day course:

  • SIRA’s RTW coordination eLearning that will replace the current face to face training is on track to be released at the end of May 2019.

  • 13 self-paced modules will be released gradually from the end of May 2019 with the aim of having all 13 live by the end of June 2019

  • there will be no cost to do the online training

  • the training modules will take between 15-30 mins to complete and are independent and do not need to be completed in any particular order

  • there will be a certificate of completion for each module

The SIRA Guidelines for Workplace Return to Work Programs requires that;

“Category 1 employers must appoint someone with the relevant training, skills and experience to perform the role and functions of a RTW coordinator.” (see page 7 of the Guidelines)

However, this “relevant training, skills and experience” requirement will not be satisfied simply because a person has completed the 13 SIRA online modules. As the SIRA Guide says on page 7;

“Research regarding RTW coordination has identified competencies which help deliver effective outcomes for injured workers. These competencies include:

  • effective communication skills – able to communicate clearly, actively listen to others and respond with respect

  • the ability to consult with and influence stakeholders – collaborate with others and value their contribution

  • negotiation and conflict resolution - gain consensus and commitment from others and resolve issues and conflicts

  • being organised and skilled in time management

  • the ability to think and solve problems – consider, analyse and develop solutions to barriers to recovery at work

  • a knowledge of NSW workers compensation legislation and the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in the system

  • an understanding of the legal obligations of NSW employers.”

“SIRA’s online training modules can help employers assess RTW coordinator

competency in the above areas.” “Employers must retain evidence of their RTW coordinators’ relevant qualifications.”

We at Courtenell have heard from a number of course attendees and clients that they would miss not having a face-to-face learning opportunity in addition to the online method of learning. We would be pleased to have your thoughts on this and could deliver a face-to-face course that is tailor made to your requirements at your workplace - or deliver a Courtenell public course if there is sufficient demand.


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