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A WHS Management Tool for Managers & Supervisors

An effective WHS management system is obviously vital for health and safety in any workplace. When it is not functioning effectively, warning indicators usually show up in the chain of responsibility between managers, supervisors and general workers.

The tool below is designed to help highlight warning indicators for managers and supervisors so that appropriate action can be taken to establish or re-establish an effective system that will prevent WHS incidents from occurring.

The tool is based on the duty of care for workers as set out in the WHS Act

You are welcome to download this tool and amend as you please for use in your workplace.

WHS Management Tool: Managers & Supervisors

Week ending __ /__ /__

Supervisors could complete this checklist each week about the work area they supervise. They could mark each box with a Y for Yes or N for No. For any NO answer they could give details of what happened, and the action they took, are taking, or recommend that could resolve the No.

They could then send the completed tool to their Manager.

1. Was each worker willing to be involved in consultation about health and safety risks? ____

2. Was each health and safety incident or hazard reported? ____

3. Did all workers use their PPE or other hazard control measures? ____

4. Did each worker apply the relevant safe work procedures to their work activities? ____

5. Are there deficiencies in the safe work procedures? ____

6. Did each worker treat other persons in their workplace in a manner that does not create stress eg. they did not harass, bully, or discriminate against other persons? ____

7. Have all hazards in your work area been identified and their risks assessed, eliminated or controlled? ____

8. Has each worker been informed, instructed, trained and supervised according to the risks of the relevant activities in their workplace? ____

9. Did each worker take reasonable care for their health and safety? ____

10. Did each worker take reasonable care so that their acts or omissions did not adversely affect the health and safety of other workers? ____

11. Did each worker comply with reasonable health and safety instructions?  12. Did each worker cooperate with the requirements of the health and safety policy and procedures that apply to their work activities? ____

Download PDF • 250KB

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