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Office Ergonomics

This course has been designed to provide you with an understanding of how to set up a safe, healthy and productive office work space, and how to work safely in an office environment.

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Learning outcomes

This course will provide an understanding of:

  • some common health risks in the office environment

  • how to set up equipment like chairs and computer screens

  • how to arrange the items on their desk

  • how to manage problems caused by noise, temperature and lighting, and

  • how structuring work tasks and breaks can help to reduce the risk of injury and illness.


Course features:
  • professional audio

  • animation and interactivity

  • mobile compatibility

  • formative assessments, and

  • a certificate of completion.


Estimated Duration

75 minutes


Target Audience

The course has been designed to provide training for office workers in Australian organisations.

Course Information

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