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Manual Handling: Hazardous Manual Tasks Workshop

Why do this course?

Manual handling is one type of physical activity that falls under the category of "hazardous manual tasks." It is still the most common cause of workplace injuries in NSW.

Under the WHS Act, a Personal Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) must provide adequate information, instruction, training, and supervision to staff in order for them to be able to perform their jobs safely.


This program presents information and instruction to persons who do manual handling tasks as part of their day-to-day job. All participants are required to demonstrate correct manual handling techniques, preferably in their workplaces and their actual job tasks.


Each participant receives a certificate of attendance which may be useful as evidence that managers and supervisors have informed and instructed workers under their supervision in manual handling tasks.

Course Aims

This training is designed to be specific to the manual handling tasks performed by persons in their day-to-day jobs and covers:


  • how the 5 risk factors of hazardous manual tasks can create injuries

  • doing their tasks with the least risk,

  • recognizing the risks and the best way to do their tasks

  • stretch exercises that reduce the risk of injury

  • manual handling responsibilities that apply in a workplace


Who should do the course?


Anyone who performs manual handling tasks as part of their work. 



2 hours 

Delivery Location


This course is available for delivery at your site and is ideally conducted in the actual workplace of participants.

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