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Working Effectively with Your HSRs Course

Why do this course? 
The WHS Act clearly describes how WHS consultation must occur, and how this is done in businesses where consultation work groups and health and safety representatives have been established to represent workers and staff for their views and feedback on WHS matters that the business needs to make decisions on.

If there are breakdowns between management and HSRs in your workplace, then this course may help clear up the roles of HSRs and their obligation to the PCBU's duty to consult workers and staff on WHS matters.
In extreme cases, this course maybe useful for workplaces where there are ongoing clashes, conflicts, misunderstandings, or issues between management and HSRs in regards to PCBU consultation with the workforce on WHS matters.
NOTE. If your company has not already established work groups and HSRs for WHS consultation but is considering formalising or modifying consultation procedures you may be interested in the Courtenell Consultation Compliance in NSW course to help the business make decisions in this regard. 
Course Aims

To inform, clarify, or refresh course participants as to the the purpose, role, and value of health and safety representatives and consultation work groups, and to clarify what HSRs can and cannot do as HSRs. The course aims to clarify the role of persons, managers, and supervisors acting as "representatives of the PCBU" for the purposes of WHS consultation, and what they can and cannot do when facilitating the consultation process.


Who Should Do the Course?


All members of the leadership team including any person or persons acting as "representatives of the PCBU" for the purpose of WHS consultation and whom interact with HSRs during the consultation process at the workplace.




3.5 Hours


Delivery Locations

This course is available for delivery at your site and is ideally conducted in the actual workplace of participants


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