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 WHS Consultation Compliance in NSW

Why do this course? 
This course is suited for directors, CEOs, and senior managers who are looking at formalising or reorganising WHS consultation procedures in the workplace.
The WHS Act requires that a PCBU must consult all workers on WHS matters that may affect them but does not mandate how. Any system for consultation is acceptable, so long as it exists and occurs when required. PCBUs must also consult other PCBUs if there are shared premises and facilities (ref S.46-49, WHS Act 2011.)
WHS Consultation can occur in many ways. This is covered in the WHS Act and Consultation Code of Practice. The WHS Act assumes that when consultation is formalised that a business will establish consultation work groups and health and safety representatives to represent the people in those groups. However, business models vary and there may need to be other systems established.


This course covers options for establishing WHS consultation systems and allows for open dialog and discussion with the aim that participants can come away from the training with enough information to be able to make informed decisions about how to formalise consultation arrangements in their own workplace.



Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for all persons involved in facilitating the PCBU’s mandatory requirement to consult other duty holders and workers on matters of health and safety including officers of the PCBU, managers, supervisors and any persons who currently do, or will, represent the PCBU in workplace WHS consultation in the future.


Option 1: 1 day on site

Option 2: 4 hours on site (compressed)

Course Outline

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