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Successful Health & Safety Committee Chairpersons

In a Health & Safety Committee, the Chairperson has a key role to play in the achievement of effective consultation and the resolution of health and safety matters in the workplace.

All Health and Safety Committees have a Chairperson and one or more Management Representatives. Some Committees have;

  • only HSRs representing the workers,

  • or only Worker Representatives, or

  • HSRs and Worker Representatives.

Successful committee meetings that run smoothly usually have a chairperson who:

  • Prepares and circulates a draft agenda before the meeting so that members can prepare themselves to discuss what is on the agenda

  • Gets the Committee to agree on the draft agenda - review, revise and reorder the agenda as necessary

  • Ensures that the agreed agenda is followed in an orderly manner

  • Gives Committee members equal opportunity to put forward their point of view

  • Clarifies members’ views and the facts they rely upon when necessary

  • Ensures the Committee focuses on resolving problems and steps in if the meeting is sidetracked by irrelevant issues

  • Identifies any points of disagreement and works for consensus

  • Ensures there are clear outcomes for each agenda item covering what will be done, who will do it, and by when

  • Guides the members and facilitates the meeting so that the Committee can decide what to recommend to management

The Chairperson is a very important link in the consultation process who can guide and inspire other members of the Committee. The success and effectiveness of Committee meetings may be diminished if the Chairperson is not sure of what they are supposed to do or how to do it, or has some lack of confidence in their skills.

If that is the situation in your workplace then a one-day Chairperson Course together with Health & Safety Committee Chairpersons from other organisations will help to lift the certainty and skills of your Chairperson.

You can read and download the course outline and public delivery dates HERE.


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