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WHS Regulation clause 37 requires that:

A control measure to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety in your workplace 
must be maintained so that it remains effective including being;


  • fit for the purpose, and

  • suitable for the nature and duration of the work, and

  • installed, set up and used correctly

Actions that can help satisfy clause 37 include:

  • Provide Managers, Supervisors and other relevant persons, with the authority and resources, to implement and maintain control measures effectively.

  • Regularly inspect and test plant and equipment. Repair or replace any that are damaged or worn.

  • Check that control measures are suitable for the nature and duration of work, are set up and used correctly.

  • Inform and train workers so that they achieve and maintain the ability to work safely.

  • Regularly check you have the latest information about hazards from your manufacturers and suppliers to make sure the controls used in your workplace are still relevant.

  • Regularly review work procedures and consult with workers.

  • Amend or add to this list to best suit your workplace.


WHS Regulation clause 37

Code of Practice: How to Manage Work Health & Safety Risks, page 23


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Issue 150

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