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Successful Health & Safety Committee Meetings


Successful committee meetings that run smoothly usually have a chairperson who: 

  • Prepares and circulates a draft agenda before the meeting so that members can prepare themselves to discuss what is on the agenda, 

  • Gets the Committee to agree on the draft agenda - review, revise and reorder the agenda as necessary, 

  • Ensures that the agreed agenda is followed in an orderly manner, 

  • Gives Committee members equal opportunity to put forward their point of view, 

  • Clarifies members' views and the facts they rely upon when necessary, 

  • Ensures the Committee focuses on resolving problems and steps in if the meeting is side tracked by irrelevant issues, 

  • Identifies any points of disagreement and works for consensus, and 

  • Ensures there are clear outcomes for each agenda item covering what will be done, who will do it and by when. 

NOTE: A chairperson guides and facilitates the meeting so that the Committee agrees on what actions they will take and what recommendations should be made to management. 


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Issue 149

March - April 2021

​Published Bi-monthly

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