WHS Risk Management for Supervisors and Managers

2 Day Onsite Course and Specialised 1 Day Onsite Course

Why This Training is Necessary

All Supervisors and Managers in your workplace must satisfy their legal duty of  “reasonable care” under Section 28 of the WHS Act. To satisfy “reasonable care” they must implement and/or contribute to the management of health and safety risks.


If Supervisors and Managers are not effectively implementing and/or contributing, then they must be trained in how to do so. Otherwise the PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) and Officers will be in breach of their legal duty of care under Sections 19 and 27, of the WHS Act.


Course Aims

This course aims to familiarize participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • apply the principles of risk management as an integral part of an effective WHS management system

  • satisfy their duty of care

  • assist in the development of appropriate attitudes to enable participants to effectively manage health and safety in their areas of responsibility.


Who Should Do the Course?

Managers, supervisors and others who need to gain an understanding of WHS Risk Management and how to satisfy their duty of care.



2 Days  -  9am to 4.00pm

Specialised 1 Day - 9am to 5.00pm  


Delivery Locations

Public courses are delivered in 2 locations in Sydney - Sydney CBD and Parramatta. Follow this link for

Venue Maps


This course is available for delivery at your site.


What to bring on the day

A pen


Tailored Training

Because we deliver this course onsite we can tailor it course to meet your requirements. Call us to discuss your requirements or let us know in the online quote form.

Course Information

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