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WHS Responsibilities for Duty Holders

Why do this course?
The Work Health and Safety laws are formed on the basis of there being specific duty holders who have specific duties to perform and expectations to meet.
The duty holder with the ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of all staff and the workplace is the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (business entity.) Officers of the PCBU (directors, GMs, and CEOs) must ensure the PCBU is complying with it's mandatory requirements under the law.
The leadership team, which includes supervisors and managers, must ensure that all workers, contractors, and site visitors follow the rules of the WHS management system.
Workers, contractors and visitors have a duty to comply with reasonable instructions and to follow the systems and protocols in place at the workplace.
All WHS duty holders need to be aware of their duties under the WHS Act and WHS Regulation and how they interact to form and manage a successful WHS management system and a safe and well workplace for all.
Course Aims


To improve the awareness of WHS duty holders identified in the WHS Act as to the actions they need to take to carry out their legal obligations under Work Health & Safety Legislation.

Who should do this course?  


Officers, Senior Managers, Leadership team members, WHS Managers, Supervisors, Workers



4 hours



This course is delivered on site, at your workplace. Maximum of 16 attendees.



An experienced and qualified Work Health and Safety trainer.

Course outline

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