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WHS Due Diligence for Officers

Why do this course?
It is the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (business entity) that is the main duty holder under WHS law and has the overall responsibility to provide the WHS management system that ensures the health and safety of workers while at work.
Directors, CEO's, and other Executive Officers, acting as representatives of the PCBU, are tasked with specific responsibilities and activities under Section 27 of the WHS Act to ensure that the PCBU is in compliance with it's duties. Directors, CEOs, Board members, and other top-tier managers who can make significant decisions for a company, organization, or business are classified as "officers" under the Corporations Act 2001 and these WHS duties apply to them. 
Under Section 27 of the WHS Act, Officers are expected to exercise "due diligence" and may be personally liable for a breach.
This course is a short course that helps to identify the specific duties required of directors and CEOs (as officers of the business) and what they need to do to demonstrate "due diligence."
NOTE: This course is not suitable for businesses who manage operations in Victoria. Victorian health and safety legislation does not specify any direct due diligence functions for officers. 
Course Aims

This course aims to improve the awareness of Officers of a PCBU as to their "due diligence" obligations under Section 27 of the NSW WHS Act 2011.


Who Should Do the Course?

Any person in a business who is identified as an Officer of the PCBU, such as directors, board members, CEO's, CFO's, and other executive officers. 




2 Hours


Delivery locations

This course is available for delivery at your workplace and is ideally conducted in the actual workplace of participants.


Course numbers

Recommended limit 16 participants.

Course Outline

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