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Issue 142

Sept - Oct 2019

Published Bi-monthly

23 WHS Codes of Practice
Updated by SafeWork NSW

On the 30th of August 2019 SafeWork NSW released 23 Codes of Practice that were revised by Safe Work Australia and have now been officially adopted by SafeWork NSW. These are all Codes that were first released after the WHS Act 2011 became law in 2012.

Now that these Codes have been updated, SafeWork NSW is encouraging all businesses and employers to review the updated Codes to stay up to date with current best practice. You can find SafeWork’s news item, Updates to Codes of Practice, about this on their website by pasting this link: into your browser.

The news item includes a link to a list of the NSW Codes of Practice. Click on the Code you are interested in and if it is an updated code it will have the August 2019 on the front cover of the Code, for example:


The specific amendments to each Code have not been identified in the Code so you may need to compare the updated Code with your now-out-of-date copy of the Code.

The benefits of implementing the guidance in a Code of Practice are very worthwhile.
You can see those benefits by clicking on the title below of the March-April 2017 issue of Your Safety Matters.


This publication provides general information about WHS.

It is not legal opinion and does not represent a comprehensive

statement of the law to be applied to a particular problem

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