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You may find these steps useful in obtaining the
agreement of all parties when you have a WHS problem.

Step 1 - Identify the problem and why it is a problem

Obviously you need to work out what the problem is before you can solve it.
Consult with all affected parties. What are the issues? What and who is involved in the issue? What are the concerns and emotions involved?

Step 2 - Identify a practical solution to the problem

Consult with the parties involved for their input of what they see as being the solution. Refer to relevant Codes of Practices, Australian Standards and Guides as necessary. Endeavour to find how others have successfully solved this problem.


Step 3 - Develop a Plan

Work out a plan to implement that solution. Get agreement on it from all relevant parties—as it will be their opinions and feelings that will allow any agreed plan to work in the given situation.

Step 4 - Implement and complete the Plan

Do the steps on the plan and ensure that the other relevant parties do their steps.


Step 5 - Monitor and Evaluate

Test, conduct workplace inspections, consult relevant  parties etc, do whatever is necessary to monitor and evaluate the results of your actions to see if you have achieved what is needed.

Click HERE to download a PDF copy of this YSM.

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