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A WHS Tool to Guard Against Non-Compliance

This article provides access to a tool that could be used by Managers and Supervisors in any workplace to help safeguard WHS compliance.

An analysis of recent WHS prosecutions demonstrates the importance of having safe work procedures, but also what can happen when those risk control procedures are not complied with in full. In one prosecution it resulted in a fine of $225,000 and in another it was $1million.

Non-compliance can be disabling or fatal for the workers involved.

For example in NSW in the past 3 years as a result of non-compliance when using machinery and equipment;

- 121 workers died (see Note: 1 below).

- more than 5,800 workers were permanently disabled

- more than 140,000 workers were injured

A WHS Management Tool for Managers & Supervisors

You may find that this tool, or your amended version, could be a useful tool to help safeguard compliance in your workplace.

It was designed to help highlight non-compliance and warning indicators for managers and supervisors so that appropriate action can be taken to establish or re-establish an effective system that will prevent WHS incidents from occurring. The tool is based on the duty of care for workers as set out in the WHS Act.

To see and download a Word file of this tool please click HERE as it is connected to a prior article on our website.


1. SafeWork NSW media release 18/1/17

A WHS Tool to Guard Against Non-Complian
Download • 345KB

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