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OHS Law for Officers and Senior Managers (VIC)

Why do this course?
It is the Employer and its Officers that face the greatest penalties and legal consequences for breaches of health and safety compliance and for any incidents or accidents that may happen at a workplace in Victoria.
Under Australian law all businesses that operate in states other than their own must also comply with the laws of that jurisdiction. All national businesses that have a head office outside of Victoria or manage Victorian operations from another State need to know their legal duties and obligations to operate in Victoria, both to protect themselves and ensure the safety of employees.
This course is a short course that goes over the basic requirements of the Victorian OHS Act and OHS Regulations and helps to identify the actions to be taken by Senior managers to demonstrate compliance. 
Course Aims

This course aims to improve the awareness of Officers and Senior Managers as to the actions they need to take to carry out their legal obligations under the VIC OHS Act 2004.


Who Should Do the Course?

Employers and Managers in other states that manage Victorian operations, VIC business owners, VIC Officers of Corporations, Senior Managers who want to validate, refresh, or clarify their legal responsibilities under VIC OHS law.




2 Hours


Delivery locations

This course can be delivered at your workplace or can be delivered on line by Zoom or MS Teams.


Course numbers

Recommended limit 16 participants.

OHS Law Course Outline

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