Manual Handling: Hazardous Manual Tasks Course

Manual handling is still the most common cause of workplace injury in NSW. It was 26% of all major handling injuries in the year 2016-2017.

Course Aims

This training is designed to be specific to the tasks of manual handlers and covers:


  • how the 5 risk factors of hazardous manual tasks can create injuries

  • doing their tasks with the least risk,

  • recognizing the risks and the best way to do their tasks

  • stretch exercises that reduce the risk of injury

  • manual handling responsibilities that apply in a workplace



Course Delivery

Courtenell's manual handling course is delivered by qualified health professionals such as Chiropractors and physiotherapists and;

  • they all have their own health practice and are experienced in biomechanics and manual handling injuries.

  • they create an interactive and engaging environment

  • where possible the course will be delivered in the participant's work area using their work activities as a focus

  • participants are motivated and willing to take ownership of the course content in the context of their work and home activities

Who Should Do the Course?

Anyone who performs manual handling tasks as part of their work. 


2 hours 

Delivery Location

This course is available for delivery at your site and is ideally conducted in the actual workplace of participants.

Tailored Content

We can tailor this course to meet your requirements. Call us to discuss your requirements or let us know in the online quote form.