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Kevin brings a profound wealth of knowledge and experience in health and safety law, spanning multiple legislative changes in New South Wales since 2001 to the present day. His expertise is an essence for advising and directing various stakeholders, including business owners, directors and officers, managers, workers, WHS managers and advisors.


Kevin is Courtenell’s integral Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) consultant with over 17 years of dedicated service. Throughout his tenure, Kevin has been on the front line of customer service and sales for Courtenell, showcasing his commitment to client satisfaction.


His effectiveness in listening and understanding the needs of his clients has earned him a stellar reputation in the industry, as attested by his longstanding relationships. His adept skills have enabled him to advise and assist thousands of companies and organizations, ensuring their compliance with WHS legal requirements through education and training initiatives.


Grounded in the Model WHS Laws, Kevin continuously contributes to Courtenell’s ongoing continuous improvement program by developing and updating law-based WHS training and information courses tailored to the specific requirements of each WHS duty holder identified in the legislation. His ability to stay current with industry trends and his ability to advise on proven "best practice" actions helps to empower WHS Professionals and Safety Champions to attain compliance with their mandatory requirements and maintain successful WHS management systems. As an expert in Victoria Occupational Health and Safety Law, Kevin stands out in providing crucial insights for businesses operating in the unique regulatory landscape of Victoria. This knowledge is particularly vital for NSW businesses with operations in Victoria, and VIC businesses with operations in NSW, given the jurisdiction's deviation from the Model WHS Laws.


Not only is Kevin an expert on WHS law, but he is also a former professional musician who has played, recorded, and toured in bands in New Zealand and Australia, having attained Grades in Music Theory with the Royal School of Music and Trinity College London at a young age. Kevin has extensively travelled the world and has lived and worked in the United States, Japan, and South Africa. Since his return to Australia in the early 2000s, he has embraced his lifelong passion for Classic American vehicles and has been extensively involved in restoring, modding, and showing cars with several trophies obtained for his work. He is an active member in the NSW and VIC Car clubs representing Hudson, Rambler, and AMC vehicles. Kevin loves the outdoors and is a very competent survivalist who enjoys camping in remote areas and conquering four-wheel-drive adventure tracks. He has a passion for and deep bond with animals and has loved many as with any beloved family member.


When you talk to Kevin, expect a blend of Classic cars, “Original Star Trek,” Music, WHS expertise and his precision knowledge on the Sections and Clauses from the WHS Act and Regulation. This degree of precision ensures that his advice, information, or recommendations are not only sound but also firmly grounded in the legal framework.


Kevin stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of Workplace Health and Safety, dedicated to guiding businesses toward compliance excellence. His commitment to staying informed, coupled with a client-centric approach, makes him an invaluable asset to Courtenell and the clients he serves.


Kevin may be contacted on 02 9552 2066 or by email at

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