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Information and Cyber-Security
Online Course

This course has been developed to provide an understanding of the steps that can be taken to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organisation’s information.

Learning Outcomes

This course will also provide an understanding of:

  • what information cyber-security is and why it’s important

  • the different types of threats to the security of information and the risk they pose

  • how to keep information safe, and

  • the important role that every worker plays in maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information at their organization.

Course features:

  • professional voice over & video

  • interactive activities

  • mobile compatibility

  • formative assessments, and

  • a certificate of completion.


Estimated Duration
30 minutes

Target Audience
This course is appropriate for anyone in the Workplace.

The cost is dependent on the number of people to be trained and the length of time they need to have access to the training.


Course Information

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