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Incident Investigation Online Course

This course has been developed to provide an overview of the legislative requirements for incident reporting and investigation and the knowledge and practical advice to conduct an investigation successfully.

Learning outcomes

This course will provide an understanding of:

  • the definitions of an incident, dangerous incident and serious illness or injury from a workplace health and safety perspective

  • how to identify hazards and the impact they have had on the incident under investigation

  • who to notify and what to report when an incident occurs

  • why it's important to investigate incidents

  • how to conduct an incident investigation

  • how to identify factors that contributed to an incident, and

  • how to recommend appropriate corrective actions.

Course features:
  • professional audio

  • animation and interactivity

  • multi-device compatible

  • assessments, and

  • a certificate of completion.


Estimated Duration

60 minutes


Target Audience

The course has been designed to provide training for those responsible for incident investigations in Australian organisations.

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Course Information

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