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General Evacuation Training

This course on emergency procedures for general building occupants was developed in partnership with Chubb, a leading fire and safety solutions provider.

Throughout the course, interactive activities and animations develop and reinforce an understanding of how to prepare for and respond to emergencies in the workplace, and regular assessments ensure participants have a thorough understanding of the training.

This course is written inline with Australian Standard 3745 -2010 - Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise and be able to report an emergency in your workplace

  • Understand the responsibilities of the Emergency Control Organisation

  • Know how to respond safely to an emergency

  • Be able to provide feedback to assist in continuous improvement of workplace emergency response procedures


Course Content:

The training covers:

  • Identifying and reporting emergencies and hazards

  • The structure and functions of the emergency control organisation

  • Emergency response procedures

  • Workplace emergency systems

  • Responding to emergency warnings

  • Prevention of and preparation for emergencies


Estimated Duration

50 minutes


Target Audience

The course has been designed to provide training for all general occupants of buildings.

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Course Information

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