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Colston Vowles

Founding Director

Colston Vowles, the founder and director of Courtenell Pty Ltd, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the realm of work health and safety (WHS). Colston’s professional legal journey commenced in England and includes working for 5 years as an Assistant Solicitor in a firm of Solicitors and managing litigation cases in the High Court of London. During this time, Colston enhanced his legal knowledge and skills in navigating complex legal landscapes. 


Upon his return to Australia, Colston leveraged his extensive background, spanning accounts, sales, and small business management, to establish Courtenell Pty Ltd in 1990. This marked the beginning of a dynamic venture dedicated to enhancing workplace safety practices across industries and compliance with workplace health and safety legal requirements. 


Courtenell Pty Ltd initially concentrated on manual handling training and then focussed on OHS committee training providing invaluable awareness and knowledge to empower businesses in fostering safe work environments. Colston acquired appropriate OHS qualifications from the Science Department at the University of NSW and other health and safety and training qualifications from the University of Newcastle. Colston also obtained approval from WorkCover NSW to deliver WorkCover’s health and safety courses. Within a few years Courtenell Pty Ltd became the leading provider of OHS committee training.


As the landscape of work health and safety evolved, so did Courtenell’s focus. Colston, with a keen eye on the changing regulatory landscape, steered Courtenell Pty Ltd to become a leading provider of Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training. The company's courses and consulting services have been instrumental in assisting businesses with WHS legal compliance, aligning with the ever-evolving WHS Act.


Colston's leadership is underpinned by his strong personal interest and actions in human rights and a commitment to helping people. His caring application of work health and safety principles has become a cornerstone of Courtenell’s philosophy. Beyond the legalities and compliance requirements, Colston believes in creating workplaces where individuals thrive in a culture of safety, well-being, and shared responsibility.


Under Colston's guidance, Courtenell Pty Ltd has not only adapted to changes in WHS legislation but has actively contributed to shaping best practices in the field. Today, the company stands as a testament to Colston's dedication to the well-being of employees and the broader community.

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