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Armed Robbery Safety Awareness 
Online Course

This course has been has been developed to provide you with general information about how robbery related risks should be managed.

This course will provide you with an understanding of how your behaviour can help to protect your safety and the safety of others during a robbery related incident.

Learning outcomes


At the completion of the course, you will:

  • be familiar with the approach to managing robbery related risks

  • be able to identify the key aspects of safe behaviour during a robbery, and

  • be able to identify the link between victim injury and victim behaviour.


Course features:
  • professional audio

  • animation and interactivity

  • multi-device compatible

  • formative assessments, and

  • a certificate of completion.


Estimated Duration

60 minutes


Target Audience

This course has been designed for those persons responsible for day to day engagement with customers and clients.

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Course Information

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