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This publication provides general information about WHS.

It is not legal opinion and does not represent a comprehensive

statement of the law to be applied to a particular problem

Work Health & Safety is a Team Activity

Everyone in a workplace can be effective in helping to eliminate or control risk so far as is reasonably practicable. It’s a team activity aimed at creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.  

  • The WHS team is made up of;

  • Health & Safety Representatives and/or Health & Safety Committee members,

  • Workers, Team Leaders/Supervisors, Managers

  • The PCBU and Officers of the PCBU

In NSW, the most recently published workers compensation statistics for employment injuries* (2015/16)**, show that;

  • 90 workers died

  • 2,504 workers were permanently disabled

  • 28,267 workers were temporarily disabled (off work for at least one week)

The key steps to avoid becoming an injury statistic are set out in the WHS Regulations 32 to 38 and in the Code of Practice How to Manage WHS Risks in the Workplace.  

Each member of the WHS team has a valuable part to play in the process of identifying workplace hazards and assessing the risks, eliminating or controlling the risks, and maintaining and reviewing the risk controls. Everyone can help.




* Employment injuries includes occupational diseases

** Statistical Bulletin 2015/16 NSW Workers Compensation Statistics

Issue 140

May - June 2019

Published Bi-monthly

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