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This publication provides general information about WHS.

It is not legal opinion and does not represent a comprehensive

statement of the law to be applied to a particular problem

What if Your HSRs are Also Members of Your Health & Safety Committee?

Clients often ask us questions like;

  • What training should we give to the HSRs who are on our HSC (Health & Safety  Committee)?, or

  • Can we train our HSRs on a HSC (Health & Safety Committee) course instead of  training them on the 5 day HSR course?


We answer those questions with the following points:

  • If one of your HSRs wants to be trained on the SafeWork NSW 5-day HSR course then
    you have to train them on that course – see WHS Act Section 72.  


  • An HSC course is focussed on the functions and role of your Health & Safety Committee and is not a satisfactory substitute course for training a HSR because a HSR has a different role, powers, and functions.  

We recommend that HSRs are trained on SafeWork NSW’s 5 day HSR course and that they are then also trained with other HSC members on a HSC course.

The reasons for this recommendation are;

  • HSRs can benefit by attending a formal certificate course that is specific to the needs
    of the HSC,


  • HSRs and Worker Representatives on the HSC are on the same team and as team members they each need to know and understand what the other members of the HSC are doing, to help achieve WHS “best practice”,  

  • to help satisfy the requirements of the WHS Act Section 19, to ensure the safety of  Workers “so far as is reasonably practicable”,

  • it helps to provide evidence to SafeWork NSW that your workplace is committed to achieving effective consultation with Workers.


Issue 138

Jan-Feb 2019

Published Bi-monthly

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