Skin Cancer and Sunburn Risk Control
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Skin Cancer and Sunburn Risk Control

Over exposure to ultra violet radiation (UV radiation) can cause skin cancer and sunburn.


What is UV Radiation (Ultra Violet Radiation)?  

UV radiation is one of the forms of energy radiation that is emitted by the  sun. Important characteristics of the UV radiation that reaches the surface of our earth are:

Protection from UV – How and When?

If we can’t see it or feel it then how can we protect ourselves against UV at work and at home?

You may find the SunSmart app answers your needs. It tells you when you need protection and what to do. The Cancer Council developed this free app. You can download it from the Bureau of Meteorology at or at the app store from  your mobile phone.

On this app you can find the weather, temperature, UV level and the times of day when protection is needed. The protection times for the day are based on the UV information issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for your location. Also the app has a reminder function that alerts you to the protection needs they recommend for the day and when it is safe to get some UV for vitamin D.

The following resources carrying the NSW Government logo are particularly aimed at dealing with WHS requirements and recommendations for UV protection in workplace situations:   

Skin Cancer and Outdoor Work: A Guide for Employers

UV Risk Control for Outdoor Work

10 Ways to Manage Sun Protection in Your Workplace

You can download these resources from:


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