WHS Training: Manual Handling

Manual handling means any activity requiring the use of force by a human to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold or restrain any animate or inanimate object".


Manual handling is a major factor in a large percentage of workplace injuries.


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Legal Obligations in relation to Manual Handling

Employers and management must:

    Identify manual handling risks in the workplace

    Assess those manual handling risks

    Eliminate or control manual handling risks as far as reasonably practicable

    Consult with employees involved in these tasks while doing the above

Risk Factors:

When a manual handling task is being assessed the following risk factors must be taken into account;

  •     actions and movements

  •     work organization

  •     workplace and workstation layout

  •     work environment

  •     working posture and position

  •     skills and experience

  •     duration and frequency of manual handling

  •     age

  •     location of loads and distances moved

  •     clothing

  •     weights and forces

  •     special needs

  •     characteristics of loads and equipment

  •     any relevant factors


Must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and not to adversely affect the health or safety of others in the workplace and cooperate with the employer in matters of health and safety.


Employees who have received appropriate training in manual handling techniques or in the correct use of mechanical aids, personal protective equipment or team lifting procedures, must apply that training to their job wherever possible.


Courtenell has a range of training to address manual handling:

All face-to-face training is tailored to the work activities of  the participants and is delivered by qualified health professionals such as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists experienced in bio-mechanics & manual handling problems. Our trainers create an interactive and engaging environment so that participants take ownership of the content.


BackBasics Manual Handling Course

This training is designed to be specific to the tasks of workers who perform manual handling tasks so that they:

  • perform their tasks with the least risk,

  • recognize the risks and the best way to do their tasks

  • can perform stretch exercises that reduce the risk of injury

  • know the manual handling responsibilities that apply in a workplace


Online Learning: Manual Tasks for Workers

This course has been developed to provide workers with an understanding of the risks associated with manual tasks and an awareness of how to perform those tasks safely.


BackBasics Manual Handling Risk Management Course

This course aims to train Managers and Supervisors in applying the principles of Risk Management to manual handling tasks so as to help ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

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