WHS Responsibilities for Managers Course

Course Aims

To improve the awareness of Managers as to the actions they need to take to carry out their legal obligations under Work Health & Safety Legislation.



  • The spirit of WHS legislation; Primary Duty of Care, Due Diligence of Officers, Duty to Consult, and what is ‘reasonably practicable’ Responsibilities for health and safety: PCBUs, Officers, Workers and Others (Sections 19, 27, 28, 29 WHS Act 2011.)

  • The PCBU’s duty to consult other duty holders and workers (Sections 46-49)

  • The relationship between management system failures and the immediate causes of incidents

  • The hidden costs of incidents

  • Fines & prosecutions for corporations and individuals


On completion of the training, participants will have;

  1. identified the work health & safety legal obligations of themselves and others, and

  2. detailed the actions they need to take to carry out their legal obligations.


By group and general discussions, case studies and practical exercises.


3.5 Hours


This course is delivered on site, at your workplace. Maximum of 16 attendees.


An experienced and qualified Work Health and Safety trainer.

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