Which is Best? Onsite or Public WHS Training?
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Which is Best?

Onsite or Public WHS Training?

Which form of WHS training do you think is the best for your employees? Is it onsite WHS training with only your employees present, or training at a public venue with attendees from various other ndustries and workplaces?

Onsite training has some obvious advantages but that does not mean it is the best in all situations. This article lists out the advantages of public and onsite training so that you can compare or perhaps use sometime to assist your decision-making.

Onsite Training

The advantages of training your staff onsite instead of at a public venue include:

WHS Training at a Public Venue

The advantages of WHS training at a public venue includes:

Both onsite and public venue training have their advantages and it is a matter of addressing each situation as it arises and working out how you can get the best result for your WHS compliance needs and budget.

Section 19 of the WHS Act is a good benchmark of what you are aiming for – to do everything “reasonably practicable” to ensure the health and safety of everyone in your Workplace.

3rd July 2018

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