Using Consultation to Resolve WHS Problems
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Using Consultation to  Resolve WHS Problems

You may find these steps useful in obtaining the agreement of all parties when you have a WHS problem in your workplace.

Step1 - Identify the problem and why it is a problem

Obviously you need to work out what the problem is before you can solve it.

Consult with all affected parties. What are the issues? What and who is involved

in the issues? What are the concerns and emotions involved?

Step 2 - Identify a practical solution to the problem

Consult with the parties involved for their input on how to resolve the problem.  Refer to relevant Codes of Practices, Australian Standards and Guides

as necessary. Endeavour to find how others have successfully solved this problem.

Step 3 - Develop a Plan

Work out a plan to implement that solution that all the relevant parties agree with. Their opinions and feelings can assist or hinder the success of the plan.

Step 4 - Implement and complete the Plan

Do the actions set out in the plan and ensure that all the relevant parties successfully complete those actions.

Step 5 – Monitor and Evaluate the result  

Test, conduct workplace inspections, and do whatever is necessary to monitor and evaluate the results of the actions. Consult with relevant parties to be sure that all parties agree that the problem has been resolved.  

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