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Your Safety Matters 148 - A Review Checklist for WHS Improvement


Here is a list that could help the PCBU, Officers, Managers and Supervisors, Committee members, Managers and Supervisors, to identify WHS matters in their area of the workplace that may need attention. You may like to score each item out of 10. Check your facts and if there is a real situation make a report to your senior or take any other action required by the work health and safety system in your workplace.


We have a WHS Policy that includes goals for WHS in our workplace: Yes _____ No _____

We have programs and procedures that are actively used to achieve Yes _____ No _____

our WHS goals:

We have an effective system of WHS consultation with employees: Yes _____ No _____

We regularly check for hazards in our workplace: Yes _____ No _____

All hazards in our workplace have been identified and assessed for risk: Yes _____ No _____

All WHS risks have been eliminated or controlled: Yes _____ No _____

Workers and others are trained, supervised, informed and instructed Yes _____ No _____

about WHS risks:

We monitor and review the results of the above steps: Yes _____ No _____

E-YSM 148 Jan-Feb 2021
Download PDF • 170KB


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