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Identifying Weak Spots in Your Work Health & Safety Management System

Apparently, beginning in February 2021, SafeWork NSW has been visiting a number of Councils in Sydney to check the soundness of each Council’s Work Health & Safety Management System (WHSMS). The SafeWork Inspector provided advice where needed and sometimes identified training and consulting needs.

The reason we are passing this on to you is to highlight the fact that apparently the Inspector was checking the soundness of Council’s WHSMS to help find any area that needed improvement. Any client on our database could take the same approach and check the soundness of their system for dealing with WHS. By doing so they may reap the rewards of improved health and safety in their workplace and compliance with WHS legal requirements.

A Simple WHS Check

Try this simple check using the diagram below. The diagram is a basic illustration of how a work health and safety system can be established in a workplace and continuously improved. Consider one box at a time in the diagram and mark any box that you feel may require an in depth inspection and improvement in your workplace. Decide which box needs to be handled first and inspect and improve that one as necessary. Then inspect and handle any other box as needed.

Identifying Weak Spots in Your Work Heal
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24th March 2021


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