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DYS Issue 71 - Feb 2021

SafeWork NSW Gives You Risk Radar to Help Improve Safety in Your Workplace

Wow! SafeWork has excelled themselves and we highly recommend you take a look at the resource called Risk Radar on their website. You will find it at;


On SafeWork’s website you can select each occupation in your industry and they show you the top five causes of injuries and disease that occur with each job that you select. Then they show you what you could do about it to handle the risks in that job. A great tool for health & safety committees, HSR’s, and anyone involved in WHS consultation or risk prevention.

How to Choose the Right Accommodation for Workers Away from Home

You may have situations where you need to provide accommodation to your workers when they are they are temporarily working away from home – eg. festivals, events, road construction activities, fly-in fly-out scenarios, rural/farming and so on - any situation where the worker is required to be away from home for a period of time.

SafeWork NSW has released a practical guide that can help you understand and comply with your WHS obligations to provide appropriate accommodation for these occasions. You can download a PDF of the SafeWork NSW Accommodation Guide from their website at this link;


Managing WHS at Events

Are you are considering organising an event at work or some other event such as a festival, carnival, fair, market, concert, or show? If yes, then we recommend that you look at SafeWork NSW’s Managing WHS at Events Guide. You can download a PDF of the guide from SafeWork’s website at


This guide can help event organisers to understand and meet their WHS obligations and provides useful information and advice on planning, managing and monitoring an event to ensure the health and safety of workers, volunteers and the visiting public.

New Campaign on Safety Switches & Electrical Faults

SafeWork NSW and NSW Fair Trading are leading a campaign urging consumers to have safety switches installed in their home. 40% of house fires in NSW each year are caused by electrical faults and electrical appliances. This means up to 1800 house fires each year could have been prevented by getting the wiring checked by a licensed electrician and having safety switches installed.

Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, “All of these fires could have been prevented by the simple installation of a safety switch, which is designed to turn off the electricity supply in milliseconds if an electrical fault is detected.” For more information see this NSW government link


The next four articles are our recent WHS articles that you may have missed reading – the title of each article is a live link to our website.

Here is a list that could help the PCBU, Officers, Managers and Supervisors, Committee members, Managers and Supervisors, to identify WHS matters in their area of the workplace that may need attention. You may like to score each item out of 10.

Section 74 of the WHS Act NSW tells us that a PCBU must;

➢ keep an up-to-date list of HSR’s and deputy HSR’s, and

➢ display a copy at the workplace that is readily accessible to workers, and

provide a copy to SafeWork NSW

Focussing on taking care of others is not something newly invented by the WHS Act. It is something that most human beings do naturally in all their activities in or out of a workplace. It is a major survival agreement as most of the human race does take care for others or at least they do the best they can.

You may find it useful to consider whether there are any players or areas in your team that could be improved. Are they suitably trained to take effective and appropriate action? How can that be done?


Download PDF • 207KB

This publication provides general information about WHS. It is not a legal opinion and does not represent a comprehensive statement of the law to be applied to a particular problem.

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